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Girls Generation

"Entertainers have no brain…I get frustrated when I hear things like that from people. We have different goals. We have our own ways. I try to do the best I can, but still…" -Seohyun
What the unnie(s) think!
Hyoyeon: "Seohyun didn't come home last night"
Seohyun: "I was at my parents."
Hyoyeon: "You liar. You always call your boyfriend your "mom". You always say you went home."
Seohyun: "What? That's you!"
Sooyoung: "You always tell us you went to see your mom. You were meeting your boyfriend, right?"
Seohyun: "Do you really think so? Do you think I have a boyfriend?"
Sooyoung: "That's what we'd like to think, since you have no interest in boys."


Seohyun List of Fan boys

1. 2AM Jinwoon – He is really known being a loyal fan boy of seohyun. He chooses seohyun many times as his ideal type. He also admitted his computer password is “seohyun” but recently he changed it to “seohyun jjang” which means seohyun I loveyou, I think he is already obsessed with seohyun.
2. 2AM Seulong – a co-member of jinwoon. He also admitted during their radio guesting that he like seohyun the most among the snsd members.
3. Super Junior Leeteuk – a big fan of Seohyun. He chooses seohyun as the prettiest snsd member. He also said that his ideal types are seohyun, yoona and taeyeon. He admitted that he felt nervous with seohyun. He also said in Jo Byung Jin talk show that seohyun cannot have a boyfriend.
4. Super Junior Kyuhyun – he said that seohyun, sooyoung and yuri are his favorite among snsd. During their tv show guesting, he said that there are 3 important S in her life. Then, Eunhyuk said, Super Junior, StarCraft and Seohyun.
5. Super Junior Ryeowook – He said during the Taetiseo guesting in Sukira that he wears colored jeans (Gee concept) especially to seohyun and he is so excited that seohyun was one of the guests. And every time seohyun introduced herself, he always says that seohyun is really pretty.
6. Big Bang Seungri – he wants to receive a chocolate from seohyun. He also said that even though seohyun is 1 year older than him, he wants seohyun to call him Oppa.
7. Shinee Minho – he choose seohyun as his ideal type among snsd members.
8. Shinee Key – he wants to be close to Seohyun. And he admits that seohyun is the same aged idols that he likes the most.
9. Shinee Taemin – (I just read it in a fanchants) he choose seohyun as the female maknae that he like.
10. MBLAQ Thunder – he wants to be close with Seohyun. He also said that he likes the character of seohyun.
11. 2PM Junsu – he said that whenever he saw seohyun it makes his heart flutter. He chooses seohyun as the snsd member that he likes the most. He chooses seohyun as his partner in the Idol Army.
12. MBLAQ Mir – he like seohyun the most among the same aged idols but he’s ideal type is taeyeon unnie.
13. 2PM Wooyoung – he used to like seohyun.
14. Jay Park – he choose seohyun and yuri as the snsd members that he likes the most.
15. UKISS Kevin – he like seohyun the most among snsd members.
16. B2ST Yoseob – he said that seohyun is his ideal type.
17. B2ST Dongwon – he said that he really like seohyun. He also admitted that he was very jealous with yonghwa who acted as seohyun virtual husband in We got married. He said that it is supposed to be his story with seohyun. There were some fancams posted that dongwon was staring at seohyun.
18. ZE: A Taehon – he choose seohyun as his ideal type.
19. ZE: A Hyung sik – he wants to be seohyun if he will become a snsd member. He like seohyun because of her unsophisticated and luxurious looks.
20. ZE: A Siwan – he said that his ideal type is taeyeon but in the TV Daily, he chooses seohyun and Jessica as snsd members he likes.
21. Min Kyung Hoon – he really like seohyun and he is very jealous to yonghwa who acted seohyun virtual husband.
22. CNBLUE Yonghwa – he chooses seohyun many times as his ideal type.
23. CNBLUE Minhyuk – (not confirmed) but he really wants to be close with seohyun. And in the Youngstreet radio, Suju Heechul said that minhyuk like seohyun and he was jealous that seohyun marry his hyung(older brother).
24. CNBLUE Jungshin – he chooses yoona as his ideal type. But after seohyun and yonghwa meet as a couple, when they visit seohyun and yonghwa in the practice room, he said that he was so jealous that seohyun choose yonghwa as his husband.
25. Ki Sung Yueng – a soccer player. He said that seohyun is his ideal type. He even chooses seohyun than his dream but in the end he said that seohyun is his dream. He also post in the twitter that he is jealous with yonghwa.
26. Sung Si Kyung – in his radio program, he praises seohyun’s beauty.
27. Gag Artist Kyung Hwan – during his guesting in Star golden bell, he said that seohyun is the snsd member that he likes.
28. Thai Male Host – he was interrogating yonghwa about seohyun (it is when CNBLUE has a fan meeting in thailand), and he admitted that he is a fan of seohyun and he was soo jealous with yonghwa.
29. KARA’s manager – Goo Hara reveal that their manager is such a big fan of seohyun. She said that every time the snsd perform, he was cheering for seohyun.
30. SNSD’S manager – he chooses seohyun as his wife and yuri reveal that when they asked their manager who is the prettiest among them he choose seohyun.
31. Kim Jong Kook – he choose seohyun as his partner in running man.
32. EXO Manager – he posted on his twitter that seohyun is a goddess.
33. EXO Baekhyun – such a big fan of TaeTiSeo.
34. Kim Hyung Joon – he choose seohyun than sohee as his ideal type.
35. Vixx N – he choose seohyun as his ideal type.
36. Vixx Ravi – he took a selca while holding Taetiseo twinkle album and a photo card of Seohyun.
37. Infinite Sungjong – he chooses seohyun as his favorite maknae.
38. Teen Top’s Changjo – he said that seohyun is kind and innocent so he likes her.
39. B1A4’s Baro – he likes seohyun among the female maknae.
40. Korean Baseball Player Han Gi Gu